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18 Year Old Cuban Teen Virgin Camilla Busts Balls For Her Very First Time

Camilla Diamond is a sweet little Cuban girl from Miami, Florida who just turned 18.  Lucky us, because Camilla is not only sweet but she is spicy!  When this Cuban teen wanted to move out of her parent’s house and needed some quick cash for rent and she didn’t mind trying some new things but didn’t want to lose her virginity on a porn shoot.  We caught wind and knew Camilla would be just perfect for ball busting and we wouldn’t make her do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.

Camilla admitted to us, although she was a virgin and saving her “never been penetrated” holes for when she was in love that she had been involved in innocent sexual play before.  What teenage girl hasn’t had at least a first kiss I assured her.  She told me about the first time she was felt up underneath her shirt.  She even admitted to heavy petting, letting a boy see her naked, pleasuring her boyfriend with a handjob before and even giving a couple blowjobs before.

We spent some time with Camilla making her comfortable and getting to know our cast and crew before asking her boundaries.  Obviously we weren’t going to send in some greasy fat fuck to pop her cherry [not that we didn't have ones on standby just wishing we would give the word!] but we made sure Camilla was the one in control.  We promised her she didn’t have to get naked or do anything but beat on his balls… However teen Camilla insisted that in Miami is it so hot and they lounge around topless on her porch all day long and that she was completely comfortable with her body and nudity.  We scored big time!

Then after Camilla spent a couple days hanging around the crew and studio getting comfortable before her shoot she came to us and asked us how much we would pay her if she would suck on his penis!  I emptied out my wallet and paid this little sweetie double what we would have normally paid as she is not your average run of the mill pornstar, she is special, so we thought she deserved ever extra dollar of it.  You can’t believe how exciting our stud was.  He was sure it was the connection between the two of them that pushed Camilla into wanting to give him a blowjob on the shoot.  Either way I didn’t care, I just knew this scene was going to be golden!

Wow, I mean we couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than an exotic, virgin teen comfortable with sex and willing to bust some balls!  Not to mention, how fucking cute is little teenie bopper Camilla?  She has to be a teenie 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Nothing like a pair of nubile teen nipples covered in a great big load of fresh cum!  Do you want to cum on virgin teen Camilla’s 18 year old titties too after she gives you the beating of a lifetime with her insane newly acquired ball busting skills?  Join our site and request to be a stud and maybe we can make your dream a reality.

How does a girl look so honest with a big cumshot on her face and boobs?  I’ll tell you how, like I said before… Teen Camilla is special.  This girl is real and down to earth and amazing.  The way she lights up when she kicks that dick you can tell she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but when she realizes it is really giving him sexual pleasure, she engages fully and loves to play ball busting with our man.  This shoot really is one of a kind and it doesn’t get any better than this!

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German Ball Buster Annette Schwarz Has A Killer Ass

Do you want to see this sexy blonde babe Annette punch him in the nuts as hard as she can repeatedly??  I just love it when this exotic beauty gets rough in the sac (no pun intended) and takes over like a wild dominatrix without the whips and chains!  This girl doesn’t need any props to dominate, she loves to use her bare hands!  I love this German Ball Busting Bitch, Annette!!

I told you she has a killer ass… Just look at that pink little shaved pussy peaking through her sexy striped fishnet bodysuit.  That is so hot I would let this girl do anything to me… even let her abuse my balls and bite me in the dick and I would still cum all over that sexy ass, face and inside those sweet ripe pussy lips!  Check out her free hardcore movie sample here and see the damage this beauty can really do by clicking here now to watch it instantly.

Wow, she is not going easy on this poor fucker!  That is some hardcore ball busting! Check her out squishing the tip of his penis with her long nails and crushing his ball with her high heel platforms… Damn!  That has gotta hurt, the only saving grace is looking at that hot body and pretty face unless you’re into that kind of abuse… Which he is as you can clearly see!

Nothing is too much with this girl and there is no going to far… You have to love kinky German babes!  This is a great ball busting shot, one of my favorites… From those laced up black and clear heels crushing his balls to your wandering eyes following up her white creamy legs to that peeking pink slit in between her legs up to the bikini tan lines on her natural breasts to that oh so innocent look on her sweet face.  This pic is one for my personal collection!  Check out more hot pics and movie samples from EBB Here now!

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Nasty Punch Slut Regan Reese Busts A Couple Nuts

Video gallery linked to every second photo.. .

Big tits, lots of tattoos and a plethora of piercings make Regan one heck of a piece of eye candy!  Regan looks fierce but is a natural softy. After a few minutes and a bit of target practice, Regan quickly finds herself punching and kicking with full force!

Watch her work these nuts over in her hands like a dirty pizza dough down in little Italy!!  Click on the photo of ball buster Regan Reese above for a free video gallery.

Do you want to watch her spread his nutsack out like a flying squirrel’s wing??  Watch Regan get to work with her cute little hands!

Do you want to see Regan go all out and punch him hard in the junk?  She loves it and you can tell, just watch that slut hit him with her fist in the balls!

Even for a hard bitch Regan has a very soft and supple side.  Just observe her as she looks at you with those big round brown eyes and puts that beat up cock deep in her mouth and throat.

I can’t get enough of horny harlet Regan Reese in this overview shot of her wailing on his ballsack with her hard little female fist!!


Natural Ball Buster Mia Punches Him In the Sack!

This Young Middle-Eastern treat is a natural born ball buster! Very petite, weighing barley a buck, Mia tells us stories of beating nuts as a young girl.

Watch as Mia is torn between being the nice young lady she was raised to be, and the ballbuster she loves to be! Mia has a true affinity for putting her fist through a mans nut sack.

Mia is a hardcore ball busting bitch and here’s the proof.  Click on the pics for free movie sample of sexy hardcore babe Mia Sahara!

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