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Ginger Snaps: The Ball Busting Sequel

We all remember the movie Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps 2: but have you heard of Ginger Snaps the Ball Busting parody? This movie is real hardcore action.  This version of Ginger Snaps is a bit more realistic, instead of Ginger tweaking into a raging 1200 pound werewolf, she turns into a raging horny ball crushing bitch!  Although Ginger is still out for blood, she is not trying to feed her need for meat, she’s trying to feed her tormented perversion of inflicting pain on the nutsac’s of aroused men.  A bit fucked up right? Fuck yeah, but this is right up our alley.  Ginger baby, snap down on my balls bitch!

Ouch, she crushes his nuts like a bad bitch on a PMS rage!  Do all girls secretly want to harm and punish our cock and balls when they are mad at us?  Girls can be so mean, but fuck they are so damn sexy with those tits and ass I guess this guy will do anything to hook up with a hot chick.  Wait a minute, Ginger is supposed to be the one that snapped… Shouldn’t this guy get this head checked?

Bad bitch Ginger pinches and bites the end of his cock in a painful yet seductively hot manner.  Why do I find this kind of cock abuse and ball torture attractive?  I am not quite sure, perhaps it’s the way my mother emasculated my father growing up, I use to always wish she would just kick him in the balls instead of acting like such a mean cunt or maybe I am just a born pervert.

Rabid bitch Ginger chomps her teeth down on the first male sexual organ she can get her hands on!  This is serious, Ginger has snapped and she caught his balls in her mouth on the way down.  Hopefully this poor fuck won’t need some paramedics.  Usually in the movies when the chick is going down on a guy and a tragic accident happens and she bites down or decapitates his penis, the guy doesn’t survive.  Somehow I think this Ginger Snaps sequel is going to have a happy ending!

I love it when I can predict the end of a movie… perhaps I have a gift guessing porn movies will end in a cumshot, but maybe I have just watched too many and that’s why I’m into ball busting and odd fetish porn.

18 Year Old Cuban Teen Virgin Camilla Busts Balls For Her Very First Time

Camilla Diamond is a sweet little Cuban girl from Miami, Florida who just turned 18.  Lucky us, because Camilla is not only sweet but she is spicy!  When this Cuban teen wanted to move out of her parent’s house and needed some quick cash for rent and she didn’t mind trying some new things but didn’t want to lose her virginity on a porn shoot.  We caught wind and knew Camilla would be just perfect for ball busting and we wouldn’t make her do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.

Camilla admitted to us, although she was a virgin and saving her “never been penetrated” holes for when she was in love that she had been involved in innocent sexual play before.  What teenage girl hasn’t had at least a first kiss I assured her.  She told me about the first time she was felt up underneath her shirt.  She even admitted to heavy petting, letting a boy see her naked, pleasuring her boyfriend with a handjob before and even giving a couple blowjobs before.

We spent some time with Camilla making her comfortable and getting to know our cast and crew before asking her boundaries.  Obviously we weren’t going to send in some greasy fat fuck to pop her cherry [not that we didn't have ones on standby just wishing we would give the word!] but we made sure Camilla was the one in control.  We promised her she didn’t have to get naked or do anything but beat on his balls… However teen Camilla insisted that in Miami is it so hot and they lounge around topless on her porch all day long and that she was completely comfortable with her body and nudity.  We scored big time!

Then after Camilla spent a couple days hanging around the crew and studio getting comfortable before her shoot she came to us and asked us how much we would pay her if she would suck on his penis!  I emptied out my wallet and paid this little sweetie double what we would have normally paid as she is not your average run of the mill pornstar, she is special, so we thought she deserved ever extra dollar of it.  You can’t believe how exciting our stud was.  He was sure it was the connection between the two of them that pushed Camilla into wanting to give him a blowjob on the shoot.  Either way I didn’t care, I just knew this scene was going to be golden!

Wow, I mean we couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than an exotic, virgin teen comfortable with sex and willing to bust some balls!  Not to mention, how fucking cute is little teenie bopper Camilla?  She has to be a teenie 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Nothing like a pair of nubile teen nipples covered in a great big load of fresh cum!  Do you want to cum on virgin teen Camilla’s 18 year old titties too after she gives you the beating of a lifetime with her insane newly acquired ball busting skills?  Join our site and request to be a stud and maybe we can make your dream a reality.

How does a girl look so honest with a big cumshot on her face and boobs?  I’ll tell you how, like I said before… Teen Camilla is special.  This girl is real and down to earth and amazing.  The way she lights up when she kicks that dick you can tell she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but when she realizes it is really giving him sexual pleasure, she engages fully and loves to play ball busting with our man.  This shoot really is one of a kind and it doesn’t get any better than this!

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Ball Biting, Dick Kicking Femslut Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee is an industry favorite known for giving and taking like no other. A left-wing feminist, Lorelei believes that her body is her temple and it is her right to explore it however she deems fit. Nicknamed “The Cock Slayer” after breaking Blackzilla’s cock and putting him out for 6 weeks, Lorelei takes a shot at ballbusting. See why halfway through the scene, Lorelei is bandaging her victims scrotum. The Hottest & Meanest Pornstars Bustin’ Nuts, Biting Cocks & Getting Hot & Sticky Ball Busting Cumshots!

Wanna Watch Pornstar Lorelie Lee Chomp The Tip of His Penis Off? Check out this nasty blonde ballbusting bombshell…  What is that pink little pussy of hers thinking when she is crushing that poor dude’s nuts.  This crazy bitch loves it… What a hardcore slut!

Yikes, this bitch this trying to decapitate his penis!  But doesn’t she look hot doing it…. Watch the hardcore movie as he nuts all over Lorelei’s face and boobs.  Click here now!

German Ball Buster Annette Schwarz Has A Killer Ass

Do you want to see this sexy blonde babe Annette punch him in the nuts as hard as she can repeatedly??  I just love it when this exotic beauty gets rough in the sac (no pun intended) and takes over like a wild dominatrix without the whips and chains!  This girl doesn’t need any props to dominate, she loves to use her bare hands!  I love this German Ball Busting Bitch, Annette!!

I told you she has a killer ass… Just look at that pink little shaved pussy peaking through her sexy striped fishnet bodysuit.  That is so hot I would let this girl do anything to me… even let her abuse my balls and bite me in the dick and I would still cum all over that sexy ass, face and inside those sweet ripe pussy lips!  Check out her free hardcore movie sample here and see the damage this beauty can really do by clicking here now to watch it instantly.

Wow, she is not going easy on this poor fucker!  That is some hardcore ball busting! Check her out squishing the tip of his penis with her long nails and crushing his ball with her high heel platforms… Damn!  That has gotta hurt, the only saving grace is looking at that hot body and pretty face unless you’re into that kind of abuse… Which he is as you can clearly see!

Nothing is too much with this girl and there is no going to far… You have to love kinky German babes!  This is a great ball busting shot, one of my favorites… From those laced up black and clear heels crushing his balls to your wandering eyes following up her white creamy legs to that peeking pink slit in between her legs up to the bikini tan lines on her natural breasts to that oh so innocent look on her sweet face.  This pic is one for my personal collection!  Check out more hot pics and movie samples from EBB Here now!

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Ball Busting Girls In Boxing Gloves

Amy is a real ball busting champion and we have the proof!  There is no woman hotter than Amy Ried in porn today if you ask me… and we got her right between the poor camera mans legs, beating the shit out of his bruised balls! Amy might have a sweet demeanor and a huge smile on her pretty face, but that’s not fooling us!  Her pretty face is no disguise for her downright vicious punches and kicks. Amy’s such a bad influence, she even invoked the make-up artist to participate in a hardcore testicle beat down with 2 on 1! Watch a free video of Ball Busting Bitch Amy Ried by Clicking Here Right Now or on the image below!  Movie not working for you?  Check out the free movie gallery below in the text link of twins Kattie and Kelly Cameron.  Or Visit EBB.com now!

Wow, now isn’t she something.. . How does something that sweet looking become such a mean ball punching bitch?  Ask her inside the member’s area of EBB now…

Amy isn’t our only ball thrasher who likes to throw on the gloves and get down to cracking some nuts… The only thing that could top amazing blonde beauty Amy Ried in boxing ball busting 101 is a pair of ball busting twins!  And we know just the girls…

Meet Kattie & Kelly… Yes they really are ball busting TWINS!!!! Two 20 year old hotties, both 5′7″ with long dirty blonde hair and bimbo mentalities. This scene is fucking hilarious! And HOLY SMOKE! Check out this pop!  For dumb blondes these two sure know how to throw a punch…  I guess having a twin is great for 2 things… Someone to share everything with, and somehow to argue, fight, pull hair and learn the ultimate ball busting moves together.  Watch a free movie of Kattie & Kelly doing double damage after they throw on the gloves and get down to real ball busting business!  It’s a bit slow loading but trust me, this video is worth it!  Video not working for you?  Check out this gallery with 4 shorter movie clips after the gloves come off. or Visit EBB.com now for tons of free streaming sample movies and pictures.

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Chloe Chanel is a Hardcore Dick Abuser!

Just look at Chloe stretching and ruining that poor man’s dick and balls!  Ouch, that has got to hurt… This not so innocent little ball busting cupcake is the brutal icing on the cake.. Watch as she cranks his sac like she wants to rip it right off!  It’s hard to believe she is a first time ball buster!  She even gets her feet involved and kicks him in the sac more then a few times after crushing his balls with her soft toes and heels.  What a crazy slut!  Click here to see a free preview and meet more hot ball busting sluts!

Seriously, you would never be able to guess that Chloe has “never” ball busted in her life before. She may appear sweet and innocent but don’t let it fool you, she quickly masters the hardcore art of Extreme Ball Busting!  Watch this movie of Chloe ball busting to see exactly what I mean… or go directly to EBB to see more ball thrashing cunts.

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Ball Busting Carmen Is A Cock Yanking Beauty

Watch this stupid but beautful slut Carmen grab, punch, twist and pull on his guy’s junk!  Who can say no to a hottie like Carmen, but yikes that has got to hurt!  Click on the pic to see more Extreme Ball Busting with the hottest and sluttiest ball thrashing beauties around!!